Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bombproof your horse

I found an ad on craigslist by searching the word "massage", which is really not so sketchy since I am in school for massage therapy. It linked to a post listing four books for sale. One of them was interesting:

Since I am a big fan of David Thorne and all of his wonderful email exchanges, I was driven to try my own....

To the anonymous craigslister:
I am interested in the book on equine massage. I'm in massage school, so that one really makes sense as a part of my library.

I am also intellectually interested in the book, "Bombproof Your Horse". Out of a sense of fair play, I feel that I should tell you that I intend to resell the secrets therein to the defense department so that when the cavalry division of the army hits Afghanistan they will be all good. I think I will probably make a profit of approximately 1000 percent with this venture. Possibly more if the bombproofing technology can be adapted for humvees.

But if you could tell me whether these books are still available, we can make an arrangement for payment and exchange.

Lady V

Reply to me

Yes, Both books are still available. Where are you located?

My reply to the craigslister:

I am located in Apollo Beach, but every day I drive to Pinellas Park for school. If either of those locations are convenient for you, that's great. Otherwise we can meet somewhere or I can pay extra through paypal or send you a check and you can mail them to me.

I feel that the possible profit margin from selling bombproofing secrets to the Pentagon would warrant the extra expense. Or perhaps it would be smarter to go contractor and send out some feelers to Halliburton instead? Nevermind. The bombproofing marketing is my responsibility - if you were in the market for managing a bidding war, you would certainly not be selling Bombproof Your Horse for less than half the cover price on craigslist.

Lady V

Reply to me:

I will get the shipping costs for the two books and let you know what the charge will be. I will then let you know and we can go through paypal and I will ship the books to you. I feel that would be best. PLease give me an address I can mail them to. Thanks for your interest.

At this point I would have to give this oblivious idiot my banking info (NO THANKS) and my address (little scary), so I chickened out and stopped emailing. Or, there is the fact that he was unwilling to meet me, so perhaps he thought I was crazy.

Not too far off the mark, there....