Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Guns in the Dirty South

So the V family took a trip to Fort DeSoto today. It's a beautiful beach, voted best in the country in 2005 by Dr Beach, and best beach in the country by Trip Advisor in 2008 and 2009...

And that was on a cloudy day. There is also a historic fort there, one that was scouted by Robert E Lee, used as a Union encampment, and actually constructed in 1898 to guard the harbor from invasion. Since Tampa has never been invadedthese guns were only fired when shooting practice rounds.

But that is a lot of heavy artillery and some special rules will have to be set:

But the people of Florida say screw you:Let there be gun climbing!

Actually, some representatives of the people of Florida were a bit more scary than that:

Or there was this:

The most frightening thing there was probably the unzipped fly, which leads us to the most important rule of all....

Oh, and the eat at home challenge begins TOMORROW. Right now my weight is unchanged - 1*9.5 (* is # of shame and privacy again....)

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