Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eat at home doesn't mean eat crap?

So I have been successful so far in resisting the allure of the local Dunkin Donuts, but not in losing any weight. I remember (well do I remember) being told that the day to day fluctuations of the scale don't matter - Weight Watchers recommends only being weighed once a week. On their scales, no less, so I am forced to toss out their conclusions as somewhat biased. At any rate, if I can move the scales drastically just by moving my bowels, it may not be a 100% accurate number.

Still, I was hoping to also lose some weight here on the Eat At Home challenge, and here we are 36 hours in and I'm up .5 pounds. True, that was before I went potty (I have a toddler, excuse me) and 36 hours isn't very much of a benchmark but I am still somewhat bummed.

Perhaps I shouldn't have attempted to keep myself out of restaurants by making myself theirresistible homemade chex mix . I love it, and am helpless before it. The shitty thing is that I knew that before I made the damn stuff.

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