Wednesday, April 21, 2010

While vacuuming....

Hmm, what a strange name for a blog. Why should you care about vacuuming? Why do I care enough about it to start a blog, for the love of God? What kind of stupid crap is this?

Okay, those of you who know me, or get to know me, will realize that I don't give a crap about vacuuming. Or general housekeeping, if you listen to my mom. But the word, the act itself fascinates me. The word is a lovely scrabble winner - it's perennially misspelled. The definition of the word vacuum: to draw or take in by or as if by suction. As I'm hoping readers will be eventually drawn to me and this blog.

I use vacuum time to think - I can't watch tv, talk to my kid, listen to music, or have any input at all while vacuuming. That makes it a rare time for me, because I'm always doing around 5 things at once. And when I went to do a bit of research about blogging and what to do to keep posts coming, I thought - I can always come up with new posts while vacuuming.

And here we are.

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