Friday, April 30, 2010

I Got All Excited And Cleaned and Organized

Unfortunately it was at a friends house. We worked hard, we moved furniture, we reinvisioned and recreated some of the rooms of her house. Meanwhile, I still have an empty and lonely vacuum sitting in the middle of my kitchen and crap ALL OVER. It's not that I did nothing here - I have a mostly crossed off to do list to show for my week, but when I get these bursts of organizational energy, I would love it if they happened in my own house occasionally.


Thank you for listening oh gods of the vacuum.

Oh, and the eat at home challenge continues - I haven't touched a restaurant - but when I went to the friends house who is SUPPOSED to be doing this with me, I was quite shocked to see a Panera Bread cup full of apparently fresh lemonade, which isn't proof of cheating but is highly suspicious. But weight actually went UP half a pound, which sucked. I am considering joining a gym. Preferably one I would actually go to this time.

So my weight is at 1*0 - a number which looks quite a lot better on a blog with that little asterisk to sanitize and privatize it than it looks hanging out on MY ASS.

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